You've got her number - Now don't screw it up when you're this close! If you want her to pick you out of all the guys who are texting her, follow my simple instructions and she'll be buddy in your hands!

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Hey man,


When she gave you her number, she knew that it wasn't a binding contract to see you again. 


It was just another chance to prove yourself to her.


And if you screw up in your texting, then all the work you've put in up to now could easily be ruined (even if you've already got one good date under the belt)!


But that's ok, because I'm about to fill you in on sending her the exact texts that will make her laugh, flirt, and even get turned on...

My name is Race DePriest


And if you're like thousands of other guys who find texting a girl to be annoying, confusing, or downright frustrating, then I want you to know two things.

  1. I've been there, and man, do I feel you!
  2. Today is a good day, and your problems are finally over!

That's because you're on the verge of discovering my Award-Winning program about how to be a texting rockstar.

I'm going to show you the exact text messages, and the system I've developed, over five years of sending thousands of texts to hundreds of girls. And no matter what you're struggling with right now, I've got the answer to it!

This stuff sucks!

  • Did She Stop Responding? NO PROBLEM!
  • Not Sure How to Ask Her Out?NO PROBLEM!
  • Did You Offend Her? NO PROBLEM!
  • She keeps Flaking? NO PROBLEM!
  • First Text Got You Stumped? NO PROBLEM!
  • She's Declining Your Invites? NO PROBLEM!
  • Feel Like She's Stringing You Along? NO PROBLEM!
  • She Doesn't Even Remember You? NO PROBLEM!

Seriously - there's not a single, solitary situation that I haven't encountered at least ten to fifteen times. If you're stuck with a girl you're texting, there's a 100% chance that I can tell you exactly what you need to write, to recover it...


...and even better, to turn it around, make her laugh, and build her attraction for you.


And beyond that? I became such a text messaging ninja that I can teach you how to do things like...

This stuff rocks!

  • Make Her Smile and Laugh...with every single text you send!
  • Build Massive Attraction...even if she wasn't into you at first!
  • Skip the Date and Get Her To...come directly to your place to "hang out"
  • Bring out Her Secret "Naughty Side" and get her to send you pics and more...

There's simply no one who knows this stuff better, and can teach it better than I do.


The dating and pickup gurus you've heard about? They come to me when there's a girl whose number they worked hard for, and they need to get the texts right.


I've won numerous Awards for my programs (more on that in a bit)


Maybe you've even heard me on Sirius Radio and in other major media...


But none of that matters if you can't use my text messaging system to get the girl (or girls) you want.


So let's talk about what that's going to take.


Let's Talk Straight...

If she gave you her number, then she's giving it out to other guys too.


And now she's sitting pretty. She can wait for the texts and calls to roll inconsider them all, and take as much time as she wants to respond.


She's in control.


The hotter the girl is, the more exponentially difficult it's gonna be to compete. 


Let me explain.


A girl who is so-so might give her number out to 3 or 4 guys. Frankly, not that many guys are asking for it.


A girl who is solidly above average might give her number out to 8 to 10 guys.


And the girl who every guy wants? There are about 17 to 24 guys who are actively texting her today - or on any given day, for that matter.


When I first realized this, I got PISSED. I fumed that life wasn't fair. I would send messages that were way too challenging - and when I wouldn't hear back from the girls, I told myself that it was because they were "just being bitchy hot girls" who liked shooting down guys like me.


But before you share in my anger, ask yourself - wouldn't you do the same if you were a girl?


It's no problem for her to filter through the texts she gets, ignoring the ones that don't tickle her fancy, while she chooses two or three guys who she wants to fight over her.


Of course, you don't know the guys you're competing with. 


You've never even met them.


But every time her phone buzzes, she's carefully evaluating each message, stacking the guys up against each other, and wondering which of these race horses is going to be her champion.


She just wants a cool guy to spend time with. She's gonna pick the one who makes it the easiest and the most fun.


Is that going to be you? 


Because this is a game where it's winner-take-all.


And just look at how Jose was able to win it:


I want you to win.


Regarding his basketball career, Michael Jordan wrote that "I'm not out there sweating for three hours every day just to find out what it feels like to sweat."


And I know for damn sure that you didn't get her number just because you wanted another number in your phone book.


No - you got it because you were into her and you want to see her again. We're guys here - we can be honest with each other.


And I've got to be honest with you - I didn't just pop out of my mother's womb as a text messaging samurai. 


But my training was about as rigorous as it gets.

For the last five years, Las Vegas has been my home base, and I've traveled around the world, living everywhere from New York to New Zealand. 


I'm a nomad.


I've spent my time as a bartender, as a personal trainer, as a writer... but my career never mattered as much to me, because what I really want in life is to see the world and spend my time with awesome friends and beautiful women. 


What fun is life if you can't share it with someone whose smile warms your heart and whose touch turns you on?


So once I moved to Vegas, I went about meeting women like it was my job. I met them at barbeques, in nightclubs, at work, through friends, and yes, even online.


(in fact, I've met so many women online that I've written another Award-Winning program about how to rock that.)


But don't think for a second that I always knew what I was doing. I've probably screwed up more text messages with more women than most guys will even talk to in their lifetimes.


To quote Michael Jordan once again, "I've missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I've lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I've been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I've failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed."


The simple fact of the matter is that I sent text after text to woman after woman, and kept track of which ones worked. I wasn't afraid to screw up, fail or look bad, because a.) new women are constantly cycling into Vegas and b.) I was traveling for at least a third of each year.


When I started getting good enough to get numbers and text girls, I'd get a positive response about 2 in 10 times. And as I started to see the patterns behind what worked and what didn't, over the course of five years and thousands of texts, I developed not only a massive library of 100%-success rate texts to send...


...but then a style of writing messages that girls loved...


...and then a system for going from text to date in record time...


...and then the superpowers that got girls - LOTS of them - to chase ME!


I didn't realize how good I'd become until my buddies started handing me their phones whenever they needed some "professional help," as one of them called it.


But it soon dawned on me that I had become better than anyone I knew at text messaging women. 


I never had to ask my friends what to say. 


I never even thought about my texts for more than a second or two.


And all of the frustration of years past...

...those were all things of the past. And as surely as the sun will shine tomorrow, they will problems of the past for you too.


And not only that, but when you use the techniques in the system I've developed, you'll come to know the same overwhelmingly powerful feeling of having...


It's one thing to get a date.

But it's another thing to get a date with a girl who is so excited to see you that she is literally counting down the minutes.


Flaking became a thing of the past a lonnnnnnng time ago for me, and it will soon be an inconsequential little memory for you, too. That's a given.


Because not only will I arm you with the texts you need to get her on the date, but when you employ some of the advance psychological principals I'm going to teach you, you're going to OWN the game.

I'm talking about principals that will teach you...

Within just three or four text messages, she'll be so engaged that you'll instantly be the most interesting guy in her phone book.


And a few texts later, don't be surprised when she writes back to say "ur so different than other guys... lol... in a good way :)"


At that point, you better be ready with an unlimited text plan... because she's going to want to talk to you a LOT more.


Oh - and I'm expecting that you probably have more than one girl's number in your phone book. So let me just state one more time - plan to upgrade to an unlimited text plan if you're not on one right now.


My texting secrets are just that powerful...


Once you've got her eating out of the palm of your hand (and if your cell phone is in your palm, I mean that in the most literal sense!), getting her out on a date is gonna be a no-brainer.


Think of it this way - the first few texts you'll send will warm her up. And once it's time to ask her out, it's going to be as smooth as melted butter!


No resistance - no struggle - NEVER AGAIN.

So look..., you can try to come up with some texts to send on your own. 


That might work - if you're already clever and good with girls, we'll say 50-50.


But if your efforts are anything like mine were in the early days, then you're gonna spend twenty minutes or so on each text message.


Then when you send it, you wonder if it was "too much" or "not enough". You agonize over how she will respond to it.


Well, for a select group of guys who have learned my secrets, those painful waits are a thing of the past.


If you choose to join their ranks, then you'll come to enjoy the remarkable feeling of hitting "send" and knowing that she's about to smile big time because of what YOU wrote to her.


Does that all sound good? I know that I would have killed for something like this when I was getting better at texting. Something as powerful as this.Something called...


TEXT THAT GIRL! is the result of FIVE YEARS of my life and THOUSANDSof text messages that were meticulously catalogued, tested, and refined.


It is the program that has helped thousands of men go from absolutely hating text messaging, to finding it one of the most exciting things about dating.


TEXT THAT GIRL! is a massive compendium and multimedia course that is full of all of my best text messages, the unique style I'm going to bless you to learn, and so much more. It's all online, instantly accessible, and you'll have access to it forever. 


My promises, when you get TEXT THAT GIRL!

In short, I can say with 100% certainty that with my system, you will become such a text messaging virtuoso that you will never give a second thought to your texts, ever again.


You'll have the same feeling that an expert marksmen has when he lines up his target, takes the shot, and knows it's a bullseye before it even hits the target.


Girls will be blowing up your phone - your buddies will be DYING to see the crazy things that girls are telling you... the secrets they're divulging to you...


... and before you know it, you'll be the "go-to guy" when one of your friends absolutely, positively needs to get it right with some girl.


She's yours.


If you're like most guys looking for advice on "how to text girls," you're actually looking for advice on how to text ONE girl.


Well, it's a good thing for you that TEXT THAT GIRL! is organized around "fast starts" - guides for common situations that guys everywhere find themselves in.


In each fast start section, you'll be up and running in a minute. 


I will give you a lay of the land, so you understand where her head is at, and then I will show you the exact texts you need to send, and the buttons you need to press (so to speak!) to get her SO excited to see you again that she might just want to skip the date, and come right over to yours!


Maybe you haven't sent her a message yet because you don't want to screw it up. Well, in my "First Text Quickstart" I'll teach you...


The first text "no-no's" - things you MUST avoid if you don't want to be stuck in "chump" purgatory.


The 3 things that absolutely must be present in your first text if you want to get the best response possible from your girl.


The proper way to answer the dreaded "Who is this?" text and spike her curiosity (and of course, if you answer this wrong, you're are dead in the water)


How to know exactly when to end a text conversation so she is left wanting more.


Or maybe she's not enthusiastically writing you back. You feel her interest waning and you know that you've almost lost her. That's ok - just open my "Techniques and Tactics Quickstart" and you'll instantly turn it around, learning things like...


How to use misdirection to make it seem like she is the one chasing you, even though you are the one texting her!


The correct way to playfully tease her and get her "back in the game" (note: if you are doing this wrong you are massively turning women off)


A fun little technique you can use to make her smile any time you ask a question


Or maybe she's gone cold...after a few text messages, or even a date (don't you hate when the date goes well and she inexplicably drops off?) Well, I have TWO modules for you, the "Taming The Flake-A-Saurus Rex Quickstart" and the "If She Stops Responding Quickstart", where you'll learn...


The psychological principle you can use - right now - to pull any girl back into a conversation (no matter how long ago she stopped responding)


How to create urgency so she stops whatever she is doing and texts you back right away.


A secret technique I discovered that will turn a flake into an even better date next time (you might even look forward to a girl flaking after learning this)


The absolute best way to call out a woman if for some reason she keeps on flaking, so that she respects you and won't do it again


As you read this, I'm sure that you can see the possibilities and begin to understand how much more powerful this is than anything you've imagined before.


I know that when you buy TEXT THAT GIRL!, even when you get the girl you're after right now, you're almost certainly gonna be tempted to "exercise" your new skills with a LOT of girls.


I mean hey - when you have texting superpowers, each number you get becomes a playground of possibilities.


So rather than teaching you how to get one "fish," so to speak, I'm going to teach you how to fish.




When to get her number in a conversation so that it doesn't seem awkward or forced.


What to do the moment after you get her number to "seal the deal"


How to manage your phonebook when you have 50-200 numbers from random women (I TOLD you to get that unlimited texting plan!)


My "advanced pre-emptive anti-flaking technique" that will "flake-proof" the number... this one is AWESOME

I've put together a whole module, in fact, on "How To Get Her Number." This module of the program will teach you...


And when you're ready to turn numbers into dates? My module on "How To Ask Her Out" will arm you with the tools you need to make it a no-brainer for her to enthusiastically say YES!!!! You'll learn...


Three "adorable" ways to ask her out without ANY awkwardness or nervousness (she simply won't be able to resist)


An "under the radar" method for planting the seed for the date. This is one of my biggest secrets and I get a 10-for-10 success rate when I use this to ask a girl out.


A sure-fire way to get her to respond if you need an answer about a date by a certain time..


What if she wants to bring a friend along? No worries - I'll show you how to respond, and how to handle it, so that you still get your girl!


Four simple ways to avoid awkwardness on the first date

A super-advanced technique you can use to go on a date with multiple woman at the same time (I told you that you would want to exercise your superpowers!)


Since some girls are still traditionalists, I've even included a module on "Calling Her On The Phone". Most guys dread this... I know I sure did... but when you learn my secrets, it's going to be as easy as a game of Wii Tennis. I'll show you...


​When you absolutely must pick up the phone and call her (if you miss out on these subtle cues, don't expect her to stick around. but get them right, and you've scored MAJOR points with her)


The very first thing to say to set the "balance of power" in your favor.


How to "push" her off-balance, then "catch" her gracefully in a verbal whirlwind that will leave her breathless.


Two expert tips about how make your speaking voice sexy and powerful. If you sound meek on the call, you might as well call it quits right then and there.


What you MUST do when you get her voicemail if you want her to call you back.


As you can see, TEXT THAT GIRL! is unlike any other dating advice you can find. 


Dollar-for-dollar, tip-for-tip, there is NOTHING that will deliver the same level of success with the woman - or women - who you want.


And as if all of the customer testimonials weren't enough, the program (and I) have been recognized by the thousands of guys whose lives it has changed.


At last summer's Global Pickup Conference in New York City, I was presented with the "Best Text Game" Award. Now I'll be honest, I didn't even know such a thing existed until the organizer told me I had won... and frankly, I didn't even know about the Global Pickup Conference until the organizer called me... but I'll take it!


Let me make something clear - I've never considered myself a "pickup artist". 


Sure, I have a ton of girls in my life, but it's not because I'm out at clubs five nights a week or because I paint my fingers with black nail polish. Still, to be recognized by a group of guys whose sole mission in life is to get with as many women as possible - well... I think that speaks to the quality of the advice in TEXT THAT GIRL!


More recently, I was named one of the Top Ten "Pick Up Artists" of the year by the massively-popular And while I've already told you that I shrug off that particular label, enough readers who'd bought TEXT THAT GIRL! voted on me (again, without me knowing!) that I catapulted into the top ten.

Of course, I gracefully and humbly accepted the recognition. :D

So with everything I'm giving you up to this point, you'll be in the top 5% of guys who know exactly what to do when they're texting a girl.


Ahhh, the cost question...


Where you say "well Race, this all sounds well and good, and I'm onboard, but can I afford it?"


I really debated with my business partner over this one. He felt that this program was easily worth $300, because TEXT THAT GIRL! delivers results within minutes, not days or weeks.


Think of it this way - if there was a girl you really liked, how much would you pay me to write the texts that would get her so into you that she couldn't wait to see you again? I had him poll a bunch of people on our mailing list, and the average answer was $300.


But I argued my a** off, because I know that - even though it's easily worth that much (and much more when you get the girl) - some guys just wouldn't be able to afford it. 


And if there's a girl who you need to text right now, I know I've got the answer, and I don't want you to be without it.


So when I used that logic, he caved, and I've secured the much-lower $47price for you.


And if it doesn't get the girl you want - and a whole lot more... in other words, if you don't become the texting supernova that I've promised with every word I've written - then I'll gladly give you every penny back.


In other words, you can put TEXT THAT GIRL! to use, right now, and you have zero commitment to pay for the program unless it delivers girls to your doorstep. 


Think of the $47 as a "deposit" that you can have returned at any time if it doesn't work for you. And if it does work - and I KNOW it will - then we're all good.


And on the off chance that there's not one particular girl who's in your phone book right now... on the small possibility that you're starting from scratch... you can take a full TWO MONTHS to get a number and test it out before committing to the small investment I'm asking for.


Just try "Text That Girl" for yourself for up to 60 days... If you do not start to benefit within those 60 short days... 


Or: if you aren't completely sold on the effectiveness of TTG... 


Or even if you decide to never even read it or access the private members area... decide that i annoy you... or whatever other reason you come up with...I'll gladly refund every penny... no hassles, no delays!

Yes, TEXT THAT GIRL! is protected by the same 60-Day guarantee that all products from Attraction Rockstar. If at any point within the next two months you decide that TEXT THAT GIRL! wasn't the very best use of the $47 you're about to exchange for it, then either call, email, (or text :D ) and one of our customer support assistants will be happy to click the two buttons it takes to put that money right back on your card.


It's just that easy to try it out, right now, with absolutely no risk.

"The quickest way to becoming a text god"


There's simply nothing else that could ever promise the powers you're about to learn in TEXT THAT GIRL!.


With TEXT THAT GIRL!, every time you pick up the phone to text her, she'll enthusiastically text back, and look forward to seeing you.


It doesn't matter if you're trying to figure out your first text, or if she's being hot and cold after a second date, or even if she's not responding after you said something that offended her - TEXT THAT GIRL! I will give you the proven texts to handle ANY situation and get her begging to see you again.


TEXT THAT GIRL! is the award-winning program that will give you all this and more.


But you don't have to believe me now - just try it with one or two girls in your phone book, and then decide if your new supernatural texting powers are worth the mere $47 I'm asking for. If it doesn't deliver everything I've promised and then some - and if having total text game mastery for the rest of your life isn't worth it to you - then I'll gladly give you back every penny.


You have absolutely nothing to risk, the clock is tickingand your girl is waiting to hear from you... so there's only one thing left to say:



But check it out - If you order now before this page expires I'm gonna throw in some kick-ass bonuses to help you succeed MUCH quicker!

A Quick Copy And Paste Guide Of My Most Effective Texts You Can Use Whenever You're In A Rut.


And My Collection Of Under The Radar Techniques, That'll Have Her Putting Her Number In Your Phone, Before You Even Ask.


With guest, Christian Hudson the founder of "The Social man" and dubbed one of the best dating coaches in the world get together to breakdown and explain exactly how to salvage a girl who either wasn't texting you back or just kinda died off.. Don't worry with these two behind the wheel victory lane is the first stop - You better believe they will get her to re-engage with you!


The dreaded " opener " No one ever knows what to say to entice someone so much that she cannot help but respond to you. With my proven methods and openers that I have used on hundreds of women… you will never have that problem again!


So what are you waiting for... 


Grab your copy and all the bonuses now!


If you decide now in the next few minutes Im gonna throw in my best selling  full six week audio series program, Relationship Rewind. Normally $197 - Yours FreeWhen that timer hits zero this offer will disappear.



Relationship Rewind is the result of YEARS of relationship based research and studies all rolled up into one 6 week crash course to accomplish everything you would need to have the woman you want craving a relationship..


It is the program that has helped thousands of men go from absolutely miserable to finding new motivation and desire to create the types of relationships they know they deserve.


Relationship Rewind is a massive compendium and multimedia course that is full of all of my knowledge, techniques, mindsets that will set you apart and so much more. It's all online, and it will instantly be loaded to your members area along with "Text That Girl" and all the other bonuses. 




If you can get a number, you can get a date - And guess what, with TTG you'll have dates lined up out your door and around the corner! GUARANTEED


Trouble escaping the friend zone - we can get you out - GUARANTEED


It turns "no" and "maybe" into "yes" - GUARANTEED


It takes women from 'tentative' to 'definite' -GUARANTEED

STILL NOT CONVINCED? Dam Donald... Maybe this will help ease your worry... Let some of my other students tell you how totally kick ass amazing this system is.. And how much it has changed their lives..

PS. If you were skeptical, I can understand that. So were the thousands of guys before you...


But you know what they did? They made a decision, a decision to give my system a try and it's literally changed their lives.. 


So rest assured, this system is tried and true... 


Set aside the skepticism for ONE DAY to take this Texting System for a test drive, and if you don’t like it... I’ll give you your money back.


Easy peezy lemon squeezy.


PPS. It can't get any easier than this. Just click "Yes I Want This" button below and you'll get the entire system along with all the bonuses.


You won't believe the power of its simplicity... and the results you're going to see will be nearly instant. 


I want you to experience the type of life that myself and all the guys who've tried Text That Girl... so let's do this!


Decide here and now, to invest in your future, to invest in your personal happiness and I promise you not only will you be the only guy in her phone she actually WANTS to respond to, But you will find a renewed motivation and happiness for life..


Click the button below, Get inside the members area, and lets cheers to your future together! 

Still haven't decided? You must have some questions for me... Here are the most common questions I get and the answers to help you out!

How quickly will i get the product?

How fast can you click that "Yes I Want This" Button?! "Text That girl" is a digital product, which means you can access it immediately at anytime, from anywhere. Your computer or laptop, your phone, or your tablet. You can even download it for offline use. Even if its 3am.. It’s about as convenient as it gets.


What age groups does this work best for?

Considering these messages and techniques are based on proven psychological concepts, these texts work for just about everyone. I’ve seen them work for guys as young as 18 and guys as old as 68.


How is this different from other texting products?

This is a great question. "Text That Girl" is so far ahead of anything out that that I’ve actually had other experts try to STEAL my material. But of course I would never let that happen. So, If you want a few techniques, messages, and philosophies here and there that sometimes work there are other products out there. If you want a complete system covering every aspect of texting with real world examples to back up every single part, then "Text That Girl" is the ONLY system for you.


How fast will I get results?

How fast can you copy and paste? Seriously, if you have a phone, tablet, or computer and this system at your disposal expect to see crazy fast results. Most guys see results within minutes.


Can this help me get out of the friend zone?

You betcha! I can not tell you how many guys this has helped get out of the friend zone.


I know how frustrating it is to be in the friendzone, so I crafted certain texts, like the ego stroker text, to build massive attraction specifically to dig yourself out of the friendzone and get her thinking about you as guy she wants to have sex with.


Now stop worrying and trust yourself to make the best decision of your life and invest in this life changing system now. You will literally see results as early as tonight! 

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